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Utstillinger 2022

Campus Kristiansand

Mandag 3. april til mandag 10. april 2023.

Påsken 2023 starter torsdag 6. april. Det betyr at påskeferie i Norge er fra torsdag 6. april til mandag 10. april, etterfølgt av Kristi Himmelfartsdag torsdag 18. mai, før pinsen som er søndag 28. mai og mandag 29. mai.

Påskedagene faller i 2023 på følgende datoer:

  1. Søndag 2.april: Palmesøndag
  2. Torsdag 6. april: Skjærtorsdag
  3. Fredag 7. april: Langfredag
  4. Søndag 9. april: 1. påskedag
  5. Mandag 10. april: 2. påskedag
  6. Torsdag 18. mai: Kristi Himmelfartsdag
  7. Søndag 28. mai: 1. pinsedag
  8. Mandag 29. mai: 2. pinsedag

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Royals headed for the hills

King Harald and Queen Sonja are among the hundreds of thousands of Norwegians who’ve traveled to higher elevations to spend the Easter holidays in the mountains. The royals have their own family cabin known as Prinsehytta in Sikkilsdalen, in the mountains just west of Gudbrandsdalen.

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Easter Traditions in Norway

Overdosing on crime fiction, the last ski trip of the season, or a first chance to get some sun: This is easter in Norway.

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Easter in Norway

Easter is a long holiday, in fact, Norway has the world’s longest Easter holiday. The last day for schools and some businesses is the Friday prior to Palm Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Palm Sunday are normal working days (although most preschools and businesses are open for only half the day on Wednesdays) for many but since school-age children are already on holiday, many parents take these days off as well. Everything then goes back to normal the Tuesday after Easter.

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