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Utstillinger 2022

Campus Grimstad

Vi har drøyt elleve milliarder trær i Norge. Det blir mer enn 16.000 trær per innbygger.

For mange er det kanskje ikke antallet som er det viktigste. Noen har sine favoritt-treslag som vekker minner fra vår, sommer, høst og vinter.

Det kan være insekter som summer rundt gåsunger på selja, duften av blomster, vind som suser i trekronene eller blader som faller sakte mot marken.

Har du kanskje et favorittminne? Et favoritt-tre? Eller en favorittskog?

Alle bøkene i utstillingen er til utlån

Participatory resource management and development in developing countries: " do the attributes of the organizing committee for local participation matter"? : evidence from the Bunyoro Kitara Diocese tree planting project, Uganda 

Ahurra, Hope Ayebale (Master thesis, 2011)

In the past few decades, local community participation has been viewed as one of the major ways through which sustainable resource management can be attained. Communities have been encouraged to take part in resource ...


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and sustainable development : the case of Makonde wood carvers in Mwenge, Dar-es-Salam Tanzania 

Laurent, Makawa Newa (Master thesis, 2009)

In recent years we have seen an increase in demand for the wood carvings products especially those made using ‘Mpingo’ tree. The industry has also been a source of employment to the majority of Makonde people and non-Makonde ...


Imposing tree-based topologies onto self organizing maps 

Astudillo, César A.; Oommen, B. John (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2011)

The underlying lattice could be a grid, and this has been used in a variety of applications [23,35,40]. The most prominent efforts to render the topology to be structured involves the Evolving Tree (ET) due to Pakkanen et al. [36], and the Self-Organizing Tree...