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Sociology and Social Work

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Academic publishing

A scientific publication must comply the following four criteria. The publication must:

  • present new knowledge
  • be presented in a verifiable manner
  • be presented in a type of language that is accessible to researchers in the field
  • be published in a peer reviewed publication channel


Publication points
Category Points
Monograph, level 1 5
Monograph, level 2 8
Article in an anthology, level 1 0,7
Article in an anthology, level 2
Article in journal, level 1 1
Article in journal, level 2 3


Kilde: DBH

Aura - Agder University Research Archive

What is AURA?

Agder University Research Archive (AURA) is a digital archive of scientific papers, theses and dissertations from the academic staff and students at the University of Agder. Our archive is one among many hundreds of institutional and subject-based archives that have been established around the world. In Norway, all the relevant records are searchable in the national search system NORA. The publications in AURA will eventually also be visible in Google.


Why should I contribute to the archive?

  • Your research will be more visible internationally and available to everyone, also for researchers in developing countries
  • It provides an overview of the intellectual production at UoA that is otherwise scattered in hundreds of scientific journals
  • Linking to AURA is a quick and easy way to present your faculty or department’s research
  • Depositing publications in AURA is a supplement to traditional publishing is not a substitute
  • In AURA, all publications have a secure long-term storage and a permanent URL that can be used for linking from your CV and other purposes
  • Scientific papers that are available in open archives will be cited more frequently