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Agder University Research Archive contains scientific works in full text. AURA contains master's and doctoral theses and scientific articles by faculty and students at UoA

NORA is the national search system for open archives in Norway

Journal Services at the University of Agder

Agder Open Access Publishing is a service  for open, electronic publishing at the University of Agder. The university library offers hosting and help to establish journals using the open source software Open Journal Systems. Editors are responsible for administrating and publishing their own journals.

The Library offers solutions for research groups that either wish to establish their own scientific, open access journal, or that want to turn an existing journal into Open Access. Journals supported by the service have to choose an Open Access model for publishing.

The Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing is a guide that gives practical information about establishing and administrating an Open Access journal.

For more information about the service contact:

Ewelina Marta Krakowska

 Agder University Library

Seminar 14-15 oktober

Last ned slides og aktuelt støttemateriale i forbindelse med seminaret til Caroline Sutton

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