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Technology and Engineering



While the campus is closed because of COVID-19 it will be possible to book a librarian for short (10 min) online guidance. This is a service ment to compensate for the lack of a guidance bar in the library. The online guidance will take place in Microsoft Teams, read more about Teams here: Info about teams and office 365


Guidance can be book with the first available librarian or a specific librarian.

Book your time here

I would also like to remind you that it is possible to contact me with suggestions of e-books which may be puchased. Please e-mail me.


Standard Norge has come up with a nice offer: Student subscription.

As a student, at a mere 500 kr per year you can read 50000 standards online, and you get 70% off the list price on standards that you print out yourself. Read more about it here. (In Norwegian only)

To make use of the student subscription you must register with

The library will of course maintain its collection of relevant standards. They can be searched in ORIA and they are available for one-day loan.


It is now possible to buy a student subscription to the Building Research Series.

For 350, - students at UiA get access to Byggforsk for 12 months.

It is important that you use your student address from UiA when you order. Read more and order a student subscription at

Tired of listening to the usual lecturers?

Free web lectures, etc on technological subjects.