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Information Systems

Our Library is primarily an information resource for students & staff at the University of Agder.

Search for library resources in ORIA:



VPN tilgang

Access from home - VPN

Some of the University electronic resources require a VPN connection, for example access to the library's electronic resources. It is recommended that you use the application (client)  eduVPN.

The library offers:
Digital and physical collections: 190,000 printed books, 500,000 e-books, access to 30,000 electronic journals as well as 750 current printed journals, 14,000 sheet music, a growing DVD collection and music CDs - all within the university's teaching and research areas.
Courses in literature search and good advice in essay writing. Guidance at the library's information desks or with one of the library's subject managers. Workplaces where you can read, study or work in groups. Plus search terminals, Wireless network, Desktops for drop-in visitors, newspapers from home and abroad, and self-service solutions for retrieving ordered material, loans and submissions

Pictures and Film

As a student or employee at UiA, you have the right to download images, video and graphics completely free of charge from various platforms.

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Book searches can be done via Oria, which covers the library catalog of all Norwegian universities and colleges.

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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Find the best library Dictionaries and Encyclopedias for your research.

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Reading Lists

The syllabus lists are available together in the system as soon as they are published. This system holds the syllabus lists for H2018

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Journals and Newspapers

The Databases below give you the best overview of access to print journals and e-journals

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Wifi and E-Resources

Students and employees connect to wifi through 'Eduroam'. 

Everyone else will connect to wifi through 'UIAGuest'.

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Search, Find & Borrow

UBA has many other services to support your studies and research. See our web site or pay us a visit for full details!

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Library card and login

If you want to borrow resources from UiA - University Library (UBA), you must be registered.

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Terms of borrowing

Agder University Library assumes that patrons are familiar with our terms of borrowing.

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Loans for libraries outside Norway

UiA - The University Library (UBA) provides interlibrary loans for libraries in and outside Norway. 

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UiA has a limited number of Dictaphones that can be used in scientific projects. 

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Distance Learning

If you take part in a net-based or session-based study, or if you live at a distance from UiA, you might want to pick up and return items at your local public library.

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Build a library with your own references that can be obtained through database searching or manual editing

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Citing sources

Are you familiar with the rules applying to citing sources in written assignments that are submitted for evaluation?

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Copyright is "a set of exclusive rights regulating the use of a particular expression of an idea or information" (Wikipedia)

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Research support

Agder University Library is more than a room for 300 000 books. We also work actively to ensure that you as a PhD-candidate are able to do high quality independent research.

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The University of Agder gets funding from the Government partly based on the amount of publications in approved publication channels. 

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Doctoral dissertations

All doctoral dissertations, that are published at the University of Agder, are considered part of a series which is administered by the University library. 

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Open Access

University of Agder´s Open Access fund supports publishing in journals with open access and open access books.

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Agder University Research Archive (AURA) is a digital archive of scientific papers, theses and dissertations from the academic staff and students at the University of Agder.

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Students and staff at UiA can use SurveyXact to create questionnaire-based surveys. 


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Online form is a tool for online data collection for both employees and students. The solution is flexible and can be used for both surveys and larger data collections.

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Remember to connect to the UiA network via eduVPN when you are off campus!
Yes. Please contact UiA Help or your Subject Librarian at the library. We will help you find the answer to your question! You can also go to the UiA library's Subject pages.
Oria is the library’s most important search tool. ORIA contains all articles and books available in Norwegian academic libraries. Oria can be accessed on the the UiA library website.
Here you will find all the databases we have access to, listed alphabetically. Go to Databases A-Z
Yes, we do. Please click here for on the library’s course offerings.
Books already on loan can be reserved in Oria. The book will then be called in, and you will be notified when the book is available on the ‘pick-up’ shelf in the library. Click here for more
The standard loan period is 14 days, but your loan is automatically renewed up to a maximum of 12 weeks, unless someone else reserves the resource. If there is a waiting list, or the resource gets reserved, the loan period is 14 days. More on our borrowing terms .
Yes. As of January 1st. 2021 the University Library (UBA) will issue library fines for overdue, lost, or damaged items. Click for more on fees .
Yes, you can book short digital appointments either with the next available librarian or you can choose your subject-specific librarian. Each appointment is set at 10 minutes where you can get answers to your questions about source evaluation, search, and referencing.
Skrivestua is UiA's drop-in solution for all students who write academic texts. You can easily book guidance with one of our writing mentors here. Click here to find out more about Skrivestua