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Research literature for literature studies + fiction literature

Literature and literary studies can be found under the 800-code in the Dewey system. These books are placed together on the second floor of the library.

In the library basement you can find the Ro-collection, which includes around 5200 titles in American fiction, literary critisism, art, history and politics.

Information on childrens literature and young adult fiction is found in a box further down on this page.

Other relevant dewey-numbers can be:

  • 398.2 Folklore and fairytales
  • 741.5 Graphic novels and comics
  • 810 - 819 American literature
  • 820 - 829 English and Anglo-American literature
  • 839.5 - 839.82 Nordic literature

Dewey Decimal System

Most of the books in the library are sorted by the Dewey decimal system. This is a topic-based system. You can see the ten categories below. Each of these have their own sub-categories, also sorted by topic. This means that you will find books on the same topic close by each other.

  • 000: Computer science, information and general works
  • 100: Philosophy and psychology
  • 200: Religion
  • 300: Social sciences
  • 400: Languages
  • 500: Pure science
  • 600: Technology
  • 700: Arts and recreation
  • 800: Literature
  • 900: History and geography

Childrens books

The childrens literature is not in the same shelves as other literature, but in separate shelves on the second floor in Kristiansand. These shelves are marked in the map underneath.

If you stand by the guidance desk on the second floor, you can find childrens literature and picture books by walking towards the lawn. They are on shelves between the printer room and the door to the F-building. The childrens fact-books are in the other direction from the guidance desk, next to the school curriculum books.

Map of the library

Most of our books are placed on the second floor in Kristiansand. They are sorted by topic. On the map below, we have marked the major cathegories. Dewey-numbers 00-200 and 500 are in the basement.

Feel free to ask UiA Hjelp if you need help to locate your book.