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Welcome to the subject pages for language studies

These subject pages present a selection of resources relevant for those who study, teach or research languages. In the links to the left you will find information about research methods, literature searches, source references, academic writing, databases with new research, links to national and international professional networks, and other archives and source collections. In the general resources you will find links to Kildekompasset, Skrivestua, EndNote and much more.

There is also a collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias that might be interesting and relevant to you, and that might be usefull in your research. There is also the English Corpora, a good resource for those who work with the English language.

Remember that we also have many non-digitized journals - you can find these by searching for journal titles in the library catalog Oria, or by looking in the library basement.

Are you looking for relevant information for studies concerning education, literature, media or communication? Click "Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy" to the left, and click on your prefered subject.

As you can see, not all pages are available in English. We are working on fixing this for you. We appreciate your patience.

English corpora

English Corpora is a collection of words in the English language. You can use the database in your work with language and language use. If you are interested in using the database in your research, check with a linguistics researcher, or contact your librarian.


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New books for literature, languages and media