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Helse- og sosialinformatikk

Bibliotekets fagside

PubMed søkehjelp/search guide

Merk at innhold i PubMed i hovedsak er innhold i databasen MEDLINE ++ noe mer - og alt dette også finnes i MEDLINE via Ovid eller EBSCOhost. For tilgang til PubMed bruk lenken fra UiA istedenfor den du finner via Google søk, se lenker nedenfor.

MEDLINE is a reference (bibliographic) database that is the bulk of the content in PubMed. Note that you can search MEDLINE through many different search interfaces. All content in PubMed is available through MEDLINE (EBSCOhost) and MEDLINE (Ovid). Access PubMed through UiA library website link instead of Google so that you are recognized as a UiA affiliate, see the link below:

PubMed - Norsk brukerveiledning (fra UiO Biblioteket)

Search guides PubMed from Welch Medical library

1. PubMed: Overview


2. PubMed: Basic search


3. PubMed: Identifyling search terms

4. PubMed: Filters and Field tags


5. PubMed: Building a search


More help

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2021. How to search PubMed in a systematic wayMore information from The Library Vrije University

Price, C (2020, april 23). PubMed search like a Pro. Welch Medical Library