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About academic writing

Academic writing is one of the main abilities you should learn as a student. You will need this ability from your first assignment to your last exam, bachelors or master thesis. You will bring this ability with you in all future work. That is why you should practice as much as you can while you study.

Below, the library has collected some resources that you can use to learn more about academic writing. Use the ones that fit you best, either is is a podcast, a video or text.

The Citation Compass

With the Citation Compass, you can find the answers to how to cite most types of sources. This is a very good tool for your academic writing!

Resources for academic writing

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Writing Center

In Skrivestua, several students work to help you with your academic writing. Drop in on both campus to have a conversation about writing, to find womeone interested in what you write, and one who can give you guidance.