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University Library

UiA - University Library (UBA) offers many services to support your studies and research.

Step by Step to getting you started in the library

Follow our quick 6 step 'How to' guide on how our library works and see further information on all our terms, including fees and distance learning, further down the page. 

Patrons that study full time at the University of Agder (UiA) can use their student card to borrow.

Our main online search facility is Oria. Most resources can be found by yourself. Exceptions will be found by Hjelp. 

Many resrources can be found by yourself. Order if not currently available. Most ordering is done through ORIA.

Follow instructions on the self-service machine with your library card. Loans will be renewed automatically 5 times for students and patrons without affiliation to UiA and 24 times for employees.

Return items using the self-service machine and follow the instructions on the screen.

Library card and login

Patrons that study full time at the University of Agder (UiA) can use their Student ID card (app) to borrow. Students on UiA Videre programs (further education) will not need Student ID cards and those students can use their national library card as persons without instituional affiliation.

Choose UiA when you want to log onto Your username and password are the same as they are for other UiA resources.

Earlier students can be registred with their national library card (Bibliotekkortet)

Retired employees who still have a user account and e-mail address at UiA can log on with their UiA credentials. If you don't have this account anymore, you can be registred with your national library card (Bibliotekkortet).

Students and employees affiliated to other institutions are welcome to use our services, with some exceptions. External patrons are not permitted to take part in our courses, and we cannot supply a large quantity of articles or books, or books that must be borrowed from other countries than those in the Nordic region. Please refer to the library at your own institution if you have such requirements or if you want them to send books to UiA - University Library (UBA).

Patrons affiliated to other educational institutions use the card from those institutions. If you do not have such a card, you can use your national library card as persons without institutional affiliation. The card must be activated at UBA.

In order to log on Oria you must -

1. Use the UiA website (

2. Login with Feide and choose the affiliation of your own institution (that is not UiA)

3. Use the credentials from your own institution.

You are wellcome to use UiA - University Library even if you do not have an affiliation to any particular institution. The national library card (Bibliotekkortet) issued at any public library in Norway can be used, when it is activated by UiA Help.

If you do not have a national library card, you can find your digital card or create a digital card free of charge at The National Library of Norway signing in with ID-porten (MinID, BankID, etc.) or with your birthnumber and PIN-code you use in the public library. Go to The National Library's "Bibliotekkortet"

When you want to sign in on, use the national library card number as User ID and the password you created when you received an e-mail from us when you were registred as a patron in the library.


  • Search for documents in the library database Oria
  • If you cannot find the document in "My Library", try "Norwegian Academic Libraries".
  • For help, read a general search guide.
  • Documents placed on open shelves can be found by yourself.
  • Documents placed in the depository (Magasin) will be found by UiA Help or you can make a request in Oria.
  • Found a book you want to borrow in Oria, note the arrangement on the shelves, for instance “UBA/KRIS 839.8209 Ibs”. The book is labeled “839.8209 Ibs” on the back cover.
  • Click “Locate” to see approximately where the book is placed in the library.
  • Read digit by digit on the shelf! If you see “839.82”, you must go further. If you see “839.821”, you have gone a bit too far.
  • The books are organized with numbers from the Dewey Decimal Classification system. This site gives an overview of the categories.

Search the collection via ORIA.

Shelf arrangement Dewey:

000-099 General writings. Scientific theory
100-199 Philosophy. Psychology
200-299 Religion
300-399 Social studies
400-499 Language
500-599 Natural science
600-699 Applied science
700-799 Art subjects
800-899 Literature
900-999 Geography. History

Titles in Greek in the collection Search in ORIA.

The transcription mainly follows the American system prepared by the Library of Congress. Exception:

  • B-B
  • Diacritical marks are not necessarily recorded. Has no significance for search

Find or Order

  • Documents placed on open shelves can be found by yourself. Documents placed in the depository (Magasin), will be found by UiA Help or you can make a request in Oria.
  • Found a book you want to borrow In Oria, note the arrangement on the shelves, for instance “UBA/KRIS 839.8209 Ibs”. The book is labeled “839.8209 Ibs” on the back cover.
  • Click “Locate” to see approximately where the book is placed in the library.
  • Read digit by digit on the shelf! If you see “839.82”, you must go further. If you see “839.821”, you have gone a bit too far.
  • The books are organised with numbers from the Dewey Decimal Classification system. This site gives an overview of the categories.

You may order:
  • If the document at your own library department (Grimstad/Kristiansand) is on loan.
  • If the document at your own library department (Kristiansand only) is placed in closed stacks in the depository.
  • If the document is registered at another library department or another library.

NB! You cannot order documents that are available at your own library department. See section "Find".
NB! If you want books sent to your local library, please use Biblioteksøk. See information for "Distance Learning".

  • How to sign in to Oria
  • If you cannot find the correct document, you can fill in a blank form in Oria.Click “Order” in the top of the screen and register the correct reference.
  • When the requested document can be picked up in the library, you will receive a message via email or SMS.


  • Follow instructions on the self-service machine with your loan card.
  • Copies of articles do not need to be registered; these can be kept.
  • If you have received an e-mail with "On Hold Shelf Letter" indicating that you can pick up an item, you will find it on the hold shelf at UiA Help desk marked with your student number or employee number. In Grimstad, you can pick up requested items at UiA Help.
  • The item must be picked up within the time limit given in the "On Hold Shelf Letter". After this date, your reservation will be deleted, and the item removed from the hold shelf. If you cannot pick up the item on time, please contact us, and we can change the date.
Our normal loan period is 14 days.

Loans will be automatically renewed 5 times for students and patrons without affiliation to UiA and 24 times for employees unless the loan has been requested by someone else. In that case, you will be notified by e-mail.

Maximum loan period: Students 12 weeks. Employees 50 weeks

Loans of magazine booklets and CDs will not be renewed.

The library may set other lending times for parts of the collections or stop some material from being borrowed.

For literature borrowed from another library, the owner library's rules for lending and compensation apply. These books can be renewed in the usual way in Oria.
As a patron, you are personally responsible for resources that you borrow; please make sure that they are returned within the due date and in good condition.

We will notify you in advance of the final due date and on the due date itself. If you do not return the item(s) in question, we will send a reminder, a notice concerning the compensation fee, and again for the compensation fee itself. There will be late fees on the first and second reminders after the due date. The notification about the due date is sent as an SMS, on the condition that you have a Norwegian mobile phone number.

The frequency with which the e-mails are sent depends on the loan period for the individual document. A book that is only for day loans, for example, will receive a compensation fee faster than a book that can be borrowed for 12 weeks. When a loan is several weeks late, you get a loan stop.

The notification of compensation is the last resort to deliver or pay compensation before we send the invoice. An invoice with a compensation fee will be sent a few weeks later and is NOK 750 per document. The administration fee for invoices is NOK 250. We do not accept a new copy as a replacement. For borrowed documents, the owner's library's rates apply. Particularly valuable works must be fully replaced. See own information about fees that will be introduced on 01.01.2021.

You can see the status of loans, orders, and fees when you log in to Oria. NB! If you do not receive emails, we ask that you check the trash and accept the sender If you have borrowed books, you will receive an e-mail with a loan overview on the 2nd day of each month. Check if you get this email!
UiA - The University Library (UBA) provides interlibrary loans for libraries in and outside Norway. Libraries do not lend remotely to students and staff at UiA; they must reserve and order directly. This also applies to students who are part time at UiA. Click here for more information for distance students and students who live far from campus.

Click here for: postal address

ISIL library numbers:
Campus Kristiansand: NO-1100101
Campus Grimstad: NO-1090401

Check the lending terms in regardless of whether you order from your own library system or via Log in and click all the way to the copy level. If you only look at the sub-collection level (for example "Location: Kristiansand UBA / KRIS 808,066 Thi"), it may look as if we have an available copy, but there is one that is for day loans only.

UBA remotely lends documents with short-term loans, such as DVDs, music CDs and magazine booklets, or day loans.

Price per article / chapter copy is NOK 60. Norfri Library is excluded.

Orders via Oria and from own catalog
The interlibrary loan protocol NCIP P2P was introduced in 2017 and sends orders between different library systems. You can order directly from your own system, but you can also order in Oria.

Login to Oria:

Select Feide and log in with the username and password that applies to your library.

  • In the tab "Interlibrary loan (beta)" you can order a loan. You will receive a receipt for your own library system. Standard loan period is 42 days.
  • In the tab "Find and order" you can order a copy. You will not receive a receipt for your library system. Copies of electronic journals can only be ordered by e-mail. Standard loan period is the same as for all students. See loan terms.

Different ordering functionality makes it difficult for public libraries to get an overall overview of the loans from UBA.

We refer to the information pages of Unit (formerly Bibsys) and the National Library.

See Unit's information page about interlibrary loans.

Ordering guidance for libraries with a library system other than Alma.

Library transport
UBA uses Norwegian Library Transport (NBT). When a library has not received their document within a reasonable time, they must contact UBA. If the document has been sent, UBA registers deviations and reports to the ordering library. UBA also registers deviations when the document is returned to us but does not arrive within a reasonable time.

See our loan terms for compensation. For smaller libraries that do not have their own finance department, we send the invoice to the municipality or county municipality.

Renew & Return

  • Loans will be renewed automatically 5 times for students and patrons without affiliation to UiA and 24 times for employees. This is unless an item has been requested by someone else, in which case you will be notified by e-mail with a "Due Date Change" letter.
  • For Inter Library Loans you can request renewal from your account in Oria. It might take some days before a new due date is set. You will receive a message on e-mail if the renewal is rejected by the owner library.
  • Return items using the self-service machine and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • When you are unable to renew a loan, you must return the document. Please renew all items if you need them for longer, assuming there are no reservations.


Fees help motivate loaners to manage their loans to avoid unnecessary costs. This in turn helps secure that the library assets circulate more efficiently and increases the reliability for you as a loaner.

  • Late fee/Reminder (25 NOK)
    A reminder is issued when the item (book, magazine, cd, etc.) is overdue. The fee applies to each separate item. You will receive two reminders of 25 NOK each before a replacement fee is issued.
  • Replacement fee (750 NOK)
    A replacement fee is issued if an item is lost or badly damaged. The fee of 750 NOK is issued when the loaner has not responded to previous reminders. The fee applies to each separate item. If the item is replaced or returned in good shape, the charge will be waived/withdrawn.
  • Administration fee (250 NOK)
    The administration fee of 250 NOK is issued in connection with the replacement fee and is payable even if the replacement fee is withdrawn. The administration fee covers the costs of administering the reminders and fees of the overdue item.

  • When you have received a reminder for an overdue item the loan cannot be renewed but must be returned. At the same time, you pay the fee. If no one is waiting for the item, you can borrow it again.
  • When your fees total 150 NOK or more, you are barred from borrowing or renewing loans.
    • When an item is overdue
    • When an item is not returned
    • When an item is damaged

    Fees apply to each item and are issued at 14 days intervals in relation to the final due date.

    The due date is only final when;
    • Automatic renewal is maxed out
    • Another loaner has reserved the item

    Fees are then issued like this:
    • The 1st. reminder is issued 14 days after final due date
    • The 2nd. reminder is issued 14 days after the 1st. reminder
    • Replacement and administration fees are issued 14 days after the 2nd reminder.
    Reminders may be paid with Vipps (UiA number: 103923. select: "Purringer biblioteket") or by card. If you pay with Vipps, please show the receipt on your phone in the UiA Help counter where they will delete the charge from your library account. To pay by card please use the payment terminal in the UiA Help counter. Choose "other payment" and type the amount. A receipt is transferred to the Help counter, who will delete the charge from your library account.

    The Replacement and administration fees are invoiced. The invoice is sent to your e-mail address. Once the amount is payed, the loan will be removed from your library account. The sooner you pay the sooner you can resume lending.

    Partial payment is not accepted.

    How is the replacement fee determinded?
    The replacement fee is calculated based on purchase prices and the cost of preparing an item for lending. The amount may exceed 750 NOK for valuable documents. The replacement fee at UBA equals the fees of other university libraries.
    • All loaners at the Agder University Library should manage their loans by logging in to Oria and My account.
    • Remember to accept the library’s notifications by SMS and email. Contact UiA Help to activate these services. Make sure you add to your safe sender list.
    • Also keep in mind that returning the material is not person-dependent, so if you are detained maybe someone can deliver for you? If for extraordinary reasons you are not able to return an item by its due date, please contact the university library immediately.

    Distance Learning

    If you take part in a net-based or session-based study, or if you live at a distance from UiA, you might want to pick up and return items at your local public library. If you live close to a college or university library, you can be registered as a member and borrow from their collection. Most libraries are willing to borrow from other libraries if something is not included in their collection.

    This service is free of charge, and the same terms of borrowing are equal to all.

    Please see below for what we can provide and how you should proceed.

    Where can I pick up the book?
    Please confirm with your local library that you would like to pick up books there. Afterwards, let us know which public library you have confirmed with.

    What is possible to order/reserve and how do I go about it?
    If the book is on loan, you can reserve it in Oria. On this page you can read about how to reserve. When the book is returned, you will get an e-mail notification to pick it up. (Normally, you will receive an SMS, if you have a Norwegian mobile phone). Please send us an e-mail to let us know that you would like the book to be sent.

    Books that are available, cannot be reserved in Oria, but must be ordered by mail. Send us an e-mail which includes the book’s title, author, edition/publication year, where to send it and your full name.

    We can also send a copy of an article from a printed journal. Sign in to Oria and order there. Electronic journals are accessible when you sign in to UiA’s network, Cisco VPN AnyConnect. Other documents such as DVDs, CDs and sheet music can not be sent.

    How can I see the status of the order/reservation?
    We are able to loan you the resource within 24 hours of a confirmed order. In 'My Account' in Oria, you can see details of what you are borrowing and what you have reserved.

    When can I expect the book?
    It might take up to a week, depending on where you live, before the resource arrives at your chosen public library. They will then call you or send you an e-mail. Remember to bring personal identification when you go to pick it up.

    How long can I keep the book?
    The terms of borrowing apply to all. For instance, you can only renew once, and the loan will be recalled if someone else wants to borrow it.

    How can I return the book?
    You can return the book to the public library, but the loan will not be cleared from your account before we receive it. You will then get a confirmation e-mail­. Please note that the public library has no responsibility for your loans.

    It is also possible to return the book directly to us on campus.

    If we have borrowed a book on your behalf from a third party library, the book must be sent back to us, and not the third party library. Only that way we can return your loan.

    Purchase proposal

    You can send purchase proposals to the library with an order in Oria. If you select Norwegian subject libraries as the search scope and limit the material type to "Books", you will get books, which can be found at all Norwegian subject libraries that answer your search. Write in the comment field that you wish to purchase for the library before clicking "Order document".

    If you want to order documents that are not in Oria, fill in the blank order form that you will find at the top of Oria.

    Log in with Feide and enter all the information you have about the document.
    Remember to write a comment that you want to purchase for the library.

    Purchase proposals can also be sent to