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University Library

UiA - University Library (UBA) offers many services to support your studies and research.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: Open 24/7

Saturday - Sunday: Open 24/7


Contact us

 38 14 10 00


The library on Grimstad Campus consists of the former departments in Arendal, Grooseveien and at Dømmesmoen. On 2 August 2010, new premises were taken into use in Jon Lilletun's vei, formerly Televeien. The library serves about 3600 students and staff.

The material collection in Grimstad (UBA / GRIM) has approximately 55,000 books and 450 printed journals. The largest subject areas are IT, engineering, industrial economics, pedagogy, horticulture, nursing, social care, health and social sciences, psychology and social sciences.

In addition to the printed ones, there is access to about 20,000 electronic journals within studies at the University Library in Agder.

  • The counter is serviced from 10:00 Monday - Friday
  • The guidance desk is serviced on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 - 13:00

Phone: 38 14 16 00

Postal address:
The University Library in Agder
Grimstad Campus
4604 Kristiansand

Visiting address:
Jon Lilletuns vei 9
4879 Grimstad
The library at Gimlemoen serves about 10,000 students and staff. The premises are about 2000 square meters and contain, in addition to stationary PCs for drop-in users, 210 reading room places for students and access to group rooms. For quiet reading places, students are referred to the reading room. There is a wireless network at the university.

The collections consist of about 150,000 books and access to about 20,000 journals in the areas of economics and social sciences, humanities, health and sports, science, art and pedagogy.

  • The counter on the 1st floor is serviced throughout the opening hours by UiA Hjelp
  • The guidance desk on the 2nd floor is serviced 10.00 - 14.00

The premises are decorated with some art from UiA's Beat art collection: Beat art collection

Phone: 38 14 10 00


Postal address:
The University Library in Agder
PO Box 422
4604 Kristiansand

Further Information

The University Library is primarily an information resource for students and staff at the University of Agder. The library also provides services to individuals, business, education and culture.

The departments in Arendal, Grooseveien and at Dømmesmoen were co-located on Campus Grimstad from August 2010. In the new year in 2011, the music library in Kongens gate became an integral part of the university library at Gimlemoen.
Digital and physical collections: 190,000 printed books, 500,000 e-books, access to 30,000 electronic journals as well as 750 current printed journals, 14,000 sheet music, a growing DVD collection and music CDs - all within the university's teaching and research areas.

  • Courses in literature search and good advice in essay writing
  • Guidance at the library's information desks or with one of the library's subject managers.
  • Workplaces where you can read, study or work in groups.
  • Search terminals.
  • Wireless network.
  • Desktops for drop-in visitors.
  • Newspapers from home and abroad.
  • Self-service solutions for retrieving ordered material, loans and submissions.

The library's collections are searchable in Oria.
Library Director: Jesper Mørch
Head of services: Snorre Djupedal

Team collections, coordinator: Ewelina Marta Krakowska
Team expositions and events, coordinator: Kari Baasland
Team guidance, coordinator: Jesper Mørch
Team loan, coordinator: Lone Bak
Team marketing, coordinator: Susie Doenhoff
Team open science, coordinator: Marte Strand
Team research support, coordinator: Tora Karoline Mjelde Rundhovde
Team subject librarians, coordinator: Stefan Fisher-HøyremTeam
Team systematics and statistics, coordinator: Kathrine Brekken
  • NLA Mediehøgskolen Gimlekollen The University Library serves students and staff at NLA in the same way as UiA's own students and staff. Contact person: Stefan Tørnquist Fisher-Høyrem
  • Medical and Research Library, Sørlandet Hospital HF (Arendal and Kristiansand)

For an agreement on the use of library services for external institutions, contact the library director.