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Universitetsbiblioteket i Kristiansand Åpner for 24/7 fra mandag den 30 oktober

The University Library in Kristiansand is introducing a new arrangement for eager students: From now on, reading spaces D1 and D2 will be available around the clock! This happens via the main entrance in UiA Help.

This adaptation comes in response to students' requests for more flexible study environments, especially for those who prefer evening and nighttime studies. To gain access after UiA Hjelp closes at 9 pm, students only need to use their student card.

The benefits for students are many. With 24/7 access, they can adapt their study times to their own circadian rhythms, which can contribute to increased concentration and productivity. Furthermore, this can relieve the library during peak hours and provide a quieter atmosphere for students who seek it.


Security measures

Students must not let others in. Only individual students with a valid student card should have access.

Camera surveillance has been installed at the entrance and in central locations in the library to ensure student safety.

Security guards will patrol the reading areas regularly throughout the night to ensure a safe study atmosphere.