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Bibliotekets fagside. Forskningsbasert kunnskap og andre relevante kilder for sexologi

Nye bøker

Politicizing Rape and Pornography

This book examines how feminist movements in Norway and France have politicized rape, pornography and sexual exploitation of women from the 1970s to the present. Through a cross-national comparison, it provides insights into why the fight against rape became top priority for French feminists in the 1970s; what kind of strategies the feminist movements used when politicizing sex and violence; who the opponents of the feminist mobilizations were, and who the allies were; as well as what the feminist movements achieved and what the costs of the battles were. This book provides historical context for contemporary and contentious debates about the tension between feminism and sexual freedom, about sexual liberation and abuse, and about the limits of freedom of expression.

Our Sexuality

Are you sexually intelligent? You will be after reading Crooks/Baur/Widman's OUR SEXUALITY -- the most respected and authoritative college textbook on human sexuality. It's also the first to deliver cutting-edge and in-depth emphasis on the impact of politics on sexuality. The 14th Edition has been meticulously updated to reflect the most current research findings and psychosocial developments. Direct yet nonjudgmental, the text covers "our" sexuality in an accessible, straightforward manner as it explores the similarities of sexual and relationship matters across cross cultural boundaries and sexual orientation lines. 

Transcending Gender Ideology

Human sexuality is a crucially important subject, especially in a cultural context such as ours, which offers behavioral models that are characterized by a remarkable sexual indeterminacy. In Transcending Gender Ideology, Antonio Malo rethink sexuality with intellectual rigor, using a philosophical approach, since sexuality not only affect biological aspects or social conditioning but above all the relationship between man and woman. Book jacket.

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