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Forskerfokus is a stimulating lunchtime event, thoughtfully curated for the vibrant academic community of UiA (University of Agder). These events serve as a dynamic platform that bridges the realms of research, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, all within the cozy and scholarly ambiance of the university's library.

At the heart of these events lies a commitment to fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation.

Faculty members, researchers, and other experts from various disciplines seize the opportunity to unveil their laborious research endeavours. Each presentation is a symphony of ideas, carefully composed to resonate with both specialized scholars and inquisitive minds new to the field.

The library, usually a sanctuary for solitary study, transforms into a vibrant atmosphere and offers the perfect lunchtime escape.

Every academic, from seasoned professors to eager students, is welcomed to partake

in this diverse array of research presentations.

Click the links below for our upcoming and previous timetables.

Kari Baasland


Lone Bak


Steidel Birkeland



Susie Doenhoff



 38 14 10 00