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HELIDR-DR (PhD students)

Library subject page. PhD students Health/Sport

Publish - Writing


Getting your research read -

Citing - Referencing. Siteringsspraksis/Referanseteknikk

God siteringetikk - Kildebruk og kildemisbruk

Books in the library - search  ORIA

EndNote - reference managment system

"make use of a reference manager. These can help you store and organise your references, search for and include references in your text as you are writing, format your citations and reference list according to specific styles, and allow you to exchange references with your co-authors" (Phd on track)

Reporting guidelines

Equator network. Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research.
"Your one-stop-shop for writing and publishing high-impact health research
find reporting guidelines | improve your writing | join our courses | run your own training course | enhance your peer review | implement guidelines"

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