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Systematic literature studies, Health & Sport

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Databases that covers mainly systematic reviews/Published and protocols


The databases listed below cover mainly systematic reviews. Go to the reference database for primary studies. Note that the reference databases also include systematic reviews published in journals, see below


Also search for systematic reviews (or systematic review protocols) published in journals from the reference database, like MEDLINE, CINAHL etc.

Search with words for your topic, AND words for reviews. A quick search, includes words from title only, or also words from publication type. If protocols, search with AND protocol* in title as well. Some examples below, choose the words that are relevant,


... TI (review* OR meta-analys* OR metasynthes* OR mete-synthes* OR metaethnog* OR overview* OR synthes*)

... TI protocol*

...  PT ("systematic review" OR "meta analysis" OR meta-analysis OR "meta synthesis")

Ovid MEDLINE: ().ti OR ().pt

.pt = Publication types

Ovid APA PsycInfo ().ti OR (1300 or 0830 or 1200).md.

.md = methodology

0830 Systematic Review    
1200 Meta Analysis
1300 Metasynthesis

PubMed: Use limits to the left, or field-code [ti] - [pt] - or pick a code from the advanced search mode

Google Scholar: use limits to the left, or field-code: intitle:review|meta-analysis|metasynthesis ... 

Scopus, type in words from title

MEDLINE Publication types: Notice also search with words from title, that will include the articles that is not indexed