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Systematic literature studies, Health & Sport

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Different search strategies

Diffrent search strategies - depending on the purpose of the search

  1. Brief search  - an initial search using a few specific terms with the intention of retrieving a few relevant papers (Enkelt søk etter noen få artikler om ditt emne)
  2. "Berry picking" (scanning results of the brief search to identify others areas of evaluation, such as authors, subjects, relevant journals, reference list, cited by, and similar articles)
  3. Citation Pearl growing, Select one specific citation, add new terms to your search and repeat - Citation snowballing - Cited search, forward and backward (Scanne siteringer og referanselister: Kjedesøking - siteringssøk)
  4. Concept building search. Comprehensive search, systematic approach to the search, finding "all" relevant articles (Systematisk tilnærming til søk  - "Blokk-søk" - koble "søkekonsepter" - finne originalartikler som skal inngå i resultatdelen av din litteraturstudie)


Film: Overview of search strategies  /Welch Medical Library

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More information:

Booth, A. (2008). Unpacking your literature search toolbox: on search styles and tactics. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 25(4), 313-317.