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Brukerstøtte EndNote og Zotero

Sceening tools. Rayyan

Rayyan innfører gradert betaling. Det blir fortsatt mulig å ha en gratis konto, men da mister man muligheten til å screene på telefon, man får ikke tilgang til nye funksjoner og man får begrenset brukerstøtte. Les mer om de ulike typene medlemskap på Rayyans sider.



Exporting reference from EndNote to Rayyan

Remove duplicates before upload the unique references to Rayyan


  1. Mark reference, choose all in a grup, ctrl+a / cmnd + a
  2. Command: File- Export
  3. Choose a name and file place. Choose filetype: .txt and Reference output style: RIS. If you do not find this choice, choose Select another style, then search for RIS, mark and click Choose


You do not have to export references from EndNote:The RIS files from the database search is also possible to direct import into Rayyan. If you do not need to remove duplicates before screening in Rayyan, then import the RIS files directly. When exporting references from databases, choose RIS format. You will find the files in the download folder.


  • Go to
  • Create user account,
  • Create review
  • Select the file from EndNote export for uploading,
  • Click continue

More screening tools, see information from Systematic review toolbox